I Wonder What Would Happen If…

A Different Perspective to KAPLA Blocks By Matt Emmons As teachers, when setting up our classrooms, we try to always be as intentional as we can; to have a plan. If someone were to come into our classes and ask why something is out or why it is set up in a certain way, teachers [...]

When Our Feelings Are Like Gasoline

By Kelsie Castro Emotions and the way our body feels when we are experiencing them, has been a big topic of discussion in both our classrooms this past year. With the younger children, just understanding their feelings and learning to acknowledge them is vital to creating that early foundation of emotional literacy. Through that foundation [...]

The Fabric of Our Lives…

By Alexis Masingill Creating spaces where children play without restrictions is often tricky for teachers. The children requested fabric to cover the lookout. A few teachers suggested that we use the fabric to create a few hammocks around the lookout. These created spaces that gave privacy, allowed new connections to form, and conversations to flow [...]

Simple As Egg

“Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye- it is very beautiful.” ~Kailash Satyarthi By Julia Gondova Medeiros One day, I brought to my colleagues some of the traditional Slovak pastries that I had baked. This sparked a conversation between Chef Sean and me about different varieties of flour and the dough [...]