Come Collecting!

By Rebecca Sadler

“With children, it is the joint moments of delight that build the social brain.”

~Mariah Moser

We are furthering our exploration with treasured materials and clay. I was inspired by my co-teacher Xochitl to take small groups of children throughout the environment, both inside and outside. We talked about what things we love to see and play with at our school.

As I shared the plan with the children, I realized there could be a possibility for relationship building while the children share about their favorite things. When children have something in common, chances are they are excited to share that connection with one another. Since so many children on the Yellow Side have been connecting lately, this opportunity made me choose my groups with consideration.

Skylar and Azélie have a strong connection and I wanted to keep them together. I decided to add just one more child to that group, Flynn. We talked about how we would first collect our materials then later we would get a chance to imprint them into the clay, like we have done in the classroom. This time we would form bowls with it and let the clay dry.


While we were going around the garden collecting things, we found, Azélie saw something and she was excited to share, “It’s a rock!”

Skylar and Flynn weren’t far behind to come and check it out. They gathered together to look at this precious discovery. Flynn shared with us about a rock he found and took home once. This simple exchange reminded Skylar about sea shells that she has brought home and, with that, the energy of the children connecting came alive.

Skylar and Azélie headed out of the garden and onto their next expedition. They were almost there when Azélie looked back and called out to Flynn…

“Come Collecting!”

It felt like the act of collecting had became a community event and no one was going to get left behind.


Watching this made me think about this project and the many things that children will discover and bring home. Our bowls are creating space for those collections. A space to treasure things and experience that moment of joy once more. I can’t wait to hear more of their stories as this unfolds.

2 thoughts on “Come Collecting!

  1. So precious! Julian has been collecting seashells and rocks in his pockets. The last 2 days when I’ve picked him up from school, he would pull out either a shell or a handful of rocks and say, “mommy, I have a surprise for you!” Warms my heart

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