What Happens When We Truly Believe in the Competency of Children…

I am at home with two sick children today, and in between naps and wiping noses I’m looking for simple and meaningful videos to share. I’ve loved most of the Ted talks I’ve seen and this one is no exception. It reminds me so much of the fruitful work we do with children everyday at Little Owl. What lies underneath this work, however, is a deeply rooted belief in children’s abilities. The projects we engage in are far more than “cute” or even “beautiful”, they are representative of the knowledge that children are constructing on a daily basis. They are proof of the learning that takes place when children are given the wheel to drive the curriculum. Our attitudes about children are what inform how we perceive and treat them, what kind of materials and environment we allow them, and how closely we observe and listen to them. When children are trusted enough to guide their own learning, it is a joyful and profound journey.


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